Amino Acid Purifying Cleansing Foam
New amino acid formula, micron-level bubbles, a new generation of amino acid formula, make the cleansing gentle and effective, help absorb dirt and makeup residues, the foam is refreshing and easy to rinse, and the pores are clean and breathable after cleaning.
Medical cold pack
For skin allergies, dermatitis, eczema, sunburn, laser beauty and light and severe acne and dry skin after optical beauty
Snow Run Multi Effect CC Cream
Upgraded CC cream, different color numbers are used for different skins; effectively isolate makeup, dust pollution, ultraviolet rays, and form a protective barrier for the skin; evenly brighten the complexion, create flawless and beautiful skin; effectively hide pores, smooth and delicate skin, and follow-up makeup naturally paste.
Breathable liquid foundation
Light and transparent, long-lasting and natural moisturizing, it is always shiny and radiant, refuses oily skin, and does not leave a mask, creating a moisturizing, clear and radiant makeup. ① Light: Does not contain mineral oil, it is light and non-feeling. ② Transparent: Naturally flawless nude makeup, restores natural beauty. ③ Long-lasting makeup: Excellent makeup throughout the day, anti-oil, anti-sweat, not powder.
Firming BB Cream
Externally corrects skin tone and removes traces of eighty years of age; thread-carved effects make skin deeply maintained and firm and elastic, showing young and beautiful skin, nourishing the skin for a long time, restoring skin elasticity, making the skin fuller and powder-free.
Flawless Air Cushion BB Cream
Holds makeup for eight hours, resists perspiration and oil, does not take off makeup, does not get stuck, has strong concealing power, and makes the flaws invisible in one shot. The base makeup is flawless throughout the day. Lightweight, natural, fine powder, light-weight dressing, natural makeup without sticking powder or masking.
Smooth and flawless BB cream
Different color numbers are used for different skins, evenly brighten the complexion, have strong concealing power, and non-greasy moisturizing texture. Plant-extracting sensitive muscles are also available, clear and comfortable, isolate makeup, dust pollution, ultraviolet rays, effectively hide pores, follow-up makeup Naturally fits for flawless beauty.
Multi-effect eyebrow and lip repair liquid
Anti-inflammatory, redness, scar prevention, effective prevention of post-operative discoloration, coloring problems
Carnosine elastic neck cream
Contains nicotinamide, active hexapeptide ingredients, using a roller to massage the neck cream to lighten wrinkles and lift lines, lift lines, anti-sugar black, quickly wrinkle and tender, while making a neck SPA ice-like penetration and absorption, weak neck muscles Like a more moist texture.
Deep Nourishing Hand Cream
Mild formula, deep hydration, anti-cracking, anti-roughness; light and moisturizing emulsion texture, moisturizing and anti-drying, three-second absorption, refreshing and non-greasy.
Fat Reduction Cream
Decompose fat, remove free fat from the body, decompose large stubborn fat mass, and promote metabolism.
Firming cream
Eliminates fat and firmness, effectively relaxes skin, improves firmness, moisturizes and smoothes, firmes skin vitality.